High-frequency trading for Modern Markets

Cudera Ltd. is a global market-maker and proprietary trading company specializing in various asset classes. We are working with the largest exchanges to make markets more efficient.

our mission

Our mission is to increase the efficiency of electronic asset markets by providing liquidity and correcting price dislocations. We leverage our knowledge of technology and quantitative trading to create automated strategies that excel in low-latency and optimal risk management.
Technology is at the heart of our operation. We are passionate about working with the programming language Rust for our trading framework. It provides us with safety and speed that guarantees operational risk minimization and fast execution.
We identify opportunities with the tools that best fit the task. We employ simulation, statistical analysis, computational methods and machine learning to develop and improve our trading strategies.
Our offices are located in Basel and Zürich, Switzerland. Our team consists of academics and professionals from various disciplines. We love solving hard problems.
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